First Step of Mankind to Genetically Engineered Bunny Girls

Mrs.MechaMrs.Mecha Member
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Last month I made a discussion about making the animal ears wearable with the wig and I tried it, heres the results....
btw bunny ears are the only one that works well because the other animal ears always got covered by the wig (>-<)


  • -JustAlviN--JustAlviN- Member
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  • tripjoyytripjoyy Member
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    Oh, that's kind of cool. Too bad it won't eve work in game unless they make a Bunny Wig :)
  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    Aw, cute. I know I wish we could wear more of the animal ears with hats too. I have my favorite hat, but would love to wear cat ears with go with my cat tail. Love the picts of the bunny ears and wigs.
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