Rainbow Maze (RESULTS)

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Thanks to all who participated! I have sent everybody a friend request for their 25,000c.

Random Ten From Bumper:
@Alpha-Storm - Prizw Given
@LordTeodoro - Prize Given
@Graceful Thunder - Prize Given
@Tester #1 - Prize Given
@bonari - Prize Given
@*Yone* - Prize Given
@scorto7 - Prize Given
V1CT1M - Prize Given
Teo124 - Prize Given

Fastest Times:
@=CAPTAIN NOAH= - 1:47:89 - Prize Given
@JackFury - 1:49:92 - Prize Given


  • GG!
  • Know it rip
  • Wth again lord teodoro? He is like a hacker
  • scorto7scorto7 BelgiumRetired Moderator
    wow.... i'm in that list? :O
    ok, there was a chance, but still... out of so many people.
    Nice and congrats to all the other winners ;)
  • GG! I didn't win though.
  • Tester >:(
  • UU Member
    Sp0_0ky said:

    Wth again lord teodoro? He is like a hacker

    I used a random number generator to choose the winners - he got chosen twice
  • Congrats Everyone!
  • gucci sauce
  • UU Member
    Give me a little bit to pass out all the prizes. I’ve been busy.
  • UU Member
    I’m multiposting so people know that there’s something new.

    If you won, can you leave a tip piggy somewhere for me to put the cubits in?
  • scorto7scorto7 BelgiumRetired Moderator
    My main realm is named beldia and when entering there is a piggy right next to it
  • My realm named V1CT1M's Realm there should be a piggy beside a cash reg
  • I am Teo124 from secondary account (yeah i am for real) because my friend is named teo and he gave me he’s account because it was better and he didnt want to play anymore... (yeah long story) i cant make a forum acc cuz i dont have he’s email password to accept the confirmation... just go to Teo’s realm and put it there, i dont think anyone cares about this story xD thx.
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    All of your cubits have been put in your piggies.
  • U said:

    All of your cubits have been put in your piggy’s.

  • foxtasticfoxtastic Member
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    I have a tip piggie in the realm Foxtastic' s contest realm. Just look up foxtastic it pops up.

    There is a piggie near the fountain.

    I'm waiting.....
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