New RP Public Room (Introduction)

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Hello! My name is Justin or some folk call me Jai. I am a long time player on CC and have recently been back from gathering my life up a little more. I would like to introduce a place where many can come for a simple show, a few gatherings for friends, or even a place to shop. I have been working on this project for a few years, (Est: 06/2015) and will be adding MANY more levels to the game as time goes on. As of 1/11/2019, Only Comedy And Theater, will remain online on the weekends and may pop up during the week more once I finish developing my Vrchat characters this year. The next update to this realm will be adding in:

- A library
- A Kitchen and stage for a "cooking show"
- Meeting rooms (Some older admins in 2015 may remember this well)
- Pool area
- And much, much, more!

So as we begin 2019, this will hopefully be a running 24/7 realm where we will have more ground rules and more ideas set up? I hope that meeting more of you guys will help me through out these few years. I apologize to the few people for leaving in the first place, (My user name was: Captain Excalibur)

With that being said, thank you builders and dreamers for the support and I will ride with you guys soon!
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