Empty Vends

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I went into my shop 'Buy The Farm' and all of the seeds, small sprinklers, watering troughs, deco foods, chicks, pigs & cows vends were empty which made me think I sold them all. I checked to see if the vends had $$ in them and most had no $$ at all. My first thought was 'hacked'., but why only 17 empty vends out of 34 empty? Then I remembered that cc leaves broken things in the game to show us who the boss is. I relogged and all of my stuff was back. I play cc on a fast PC and great internet so I wonder where the problem could be.


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    Your game did not load properly. Textures can sometimes go wild. You can have the latest gaming PC, you will still get broken textures if you do not wait until the game fully loads. Or even if you wait, there is still a small chance that it will not load properly anyway. Same goes for internet. The internet speed doesn't have much to do with the loading of the textures since they're all already on your PC.
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