cine pack!!

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the game is great I like it is entertaining I would like the game to have another game mode, I would like them to put a film pack !! that contains; 25 seats, 500 cinema blocks, 15 popcorn, 10 soft drinks, 5 screens, 3 giant screens, 3 cameras to choose movies, 5 items of films or tapes as they are called, you will have to drag to the cameras, need to make hollawarps to attract people, 1 block to silence people, 50 blocks of lights, 25 levers to turn the blocks on and off, 4 signs of people pink and blue to know which bathroom is for women and men, 75 blocks, 20 blocks mirror, 2 doors that will be automatically and finally the pack costs 1500c I hope this idea helps you: D :)


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    Nice, but put this in "Suggestions & Comment", so more ppls could see this
    Btw, even I +1, there is a problem, too much blocks...
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    if by movies you mean real movies then that wont be possible. certain movie companies have copyright laws prohibiting people from using their movies without permission. and it aint a cheap thing to do...
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    Me refiero a las películas del juego osea con los monitos que agan algo en la película si la película es acción tendrán baritas Y así no las películas reales.
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