Is this fair?

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A while ago i logged in my cc account is said ur banned for 90 more days! I was really dissapointed. I havnent done something and they have banned me for no reason. If any mods see this plz let me know that why was i banned? Plz ur requested not to closed this conversation. Is this a faor community? THIS GAME WAS A VERY GOOD GAME BUT NOW ANY MODS CAN BAN ANYONE FOR NO REASON! ;-; RLLY DISSAPOINTED FROM THIS GAME


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    You say this at all chapter bruh, Contact support for it
  • UU Member
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    Yes. It is fair for scamming.
  • AJ BaryzaAJ Baryza Member
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    Yes, its fair. You deserve that ban because you scammed people. Now shut up
  • -Alvin--Alvin- FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    AJ Baryza said:

    Yes, its fair. You deserve that ban because you scammed people. Now shut up

    Oo he still scamming ppls good then, he deserve it
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
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    It's not fair. It's ABSOLUTELY fair. Have fun and please don't ever come back again if you don't plan to change.
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    I have screenshots of you from yesterday insulting CarMIEva's store. You frickin' deserve it.
  • Cub the CubicCub the Cubic Member
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    Yes this is fair. You are probably one of the most known scammers in Cubic Castles of all time. Heck,nobody can even believe because they know you scam. Now do something else other than making plans for scams.
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