2019 Love Pack Suggestions!

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Hi, welcome to my thread.
dont read this line D:


*Love Diary
- a book with heart designs

* More Wuvva Colored Blocks

* Love Letter

* Love Water
- pinkish water that has heart particles floating

*More Vases


*Romantic Qbee tune

*Romantic Qbee tune with Qbee voice


Wuvva Mobile
* a car that leaves small heart particles on the ground (just like footprints on snow)

* Lovers mobile (two seats)
- the owner of the key can choose someone who can have permissions to ride the car. The owner can take the permission back


More Wuvva Shirt Colors
- other colors on the outside. White, pink or red in the inside.

* Love Staff
- stick that has a heart on top.

* Red Cupid Wings

* "

* Love Slyme
- Heals you when you touch them


* <3
-A new expression for valentines that make the qbees eye turn to red hearts.

I will add more before the valentine update.


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    Realm Stamps:

    Valentine's Stamp,
    Much like the fall stamp but with hearts instead of leaves. And change background to a light pink shade

    Wearables items:

    Heart shaped box,
    Let's the player hold a heart shaped box and shoot hearts.


    Cupid's Bow,
    Let's players shoot one another and be surrounded by hearts and change their vision to a light pink for 10 seconds


    Cloud Car,
    Vehicle will leave a trail of hearts that disappear 5 blocks behind.


    Let's the player have Cupid hover around them. Price 75kc

    Valentine's Day Cards:
    Let's players type a message and give it to another and will be surprised by a random chocolate or candy item in their inventory

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    Cupid Quiver!!!!
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    nice idea, really good, i can imagine it already XD
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    I. Need. Love. Slyme. Now.
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    The owner can can the permission back

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    Love Slyme O-o
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    Bump! added new stuff
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