Am i a scammer? :v

This doesn’t have much to do but i have a shop and i’ve had this mute bumper for sale for a while for 3k :v
So i holla the shop and all that, trying to sell my other items, and a player buys the bumper, and starts saying i scammed them because they bought it
Even though they willingly bought it and started demanding i gave their cubits back, a bunch of people ganged up on me demanding i did so.
I didn’t do it, should i’ve? I didn’t think i did since they’re the ones that bought it, btw it was on a vend on the middle of the shop.

lmao the guilt


  • no its their faulth anyways.
  • Unless u told them a fake price, it’s not a scam
  • chief12 said:

    Unless u told them a fake price, it’s not a scam

    Nah it was always 3k, but atleast i dont have to feel a scammer
  • We need a /definescammer action xD. A "scam" is when someone does an action to cheat something from you. No, this does not include parkours, that would simply be a cheater. Unless they were informed in a holla (or in realm) of a cheaper prices it is in no way a scam. Their fault COMPLETELY. People need to learn to slow down xD
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