PennyGames - Cubic Castles Clan


Welcome to my new Clan: PennyGames- This Clan is obviously held by myself. The only purpose of this Clan is to run Events/Contests/Mini-Games and allow players to help me if they wish to do so. I will be hosting several Mini-Games everyday including many beloved Mini-Games like BombGames, Bottomless, etc

Within this clan they'll be the basic Ranks:
  • Leaders
  • Supervisers
  • Events & Contest Hosts
  • Mini Game Hosts
  • Helpers

If you wish to join our Clan you can do many things with us! You can help us build, prepare, test, host etc. - hosting Events is very fun, I know you'll enjoy it- but obviously a certain level of trust is needed so everyone, unless I know you, will start off as a Lil Helper.

We also have a Discord Server:


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