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So I was looking for an offline game in Google Play, and realized exactly what I was doing. No, I was not just getting a new game, I was finding something other than Cubic Castles to enjoy in my free time. I have done this quite often, but always come back. Although for the time being, I was not running around Cubic. This is a problem.

With this new update, we need offline mode. It's in MANY other games, and I understand it may be a challenge in this one.

We have been told that with "Wildlands", we can build essentially whatever we want. I'm not exactly sure how this will work, but could we not send them to Wildlands?

Another idea I had (which might be stretching it a little), is a completely offline realm mode thingy. You could go into the realm setup of YOUR realms, and change them to "Offline Mode" (so it's optional). This would mean that when you are offline, you can access, build, change, and create in your own realms, all while being offline. This would mean that they are inaccessible to other players (cannot enter realm) u til you are online again. You could access your overworld, and mines. If people tried to enter your "Offline Mode" realms, it would say "Owner Is Offline". If you wanted some of your realms to be accessed while you are away (you cannot access yourself while offline), you would just keep the realm in "Online Mode" (ie vendshop, Pen's Yard Rentals, clanroom, etc). You would essentially lock your realms, and play whenever, and wherever.

Perhaps we could even use this while WiFi/data is available, and a button would be present in the "Tweaks" to go offline.


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    +1 This is epic. We need this.
  • +1 Good idea!
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    This game is server-sided. Every block placed must go through the server. You could perhaps store the newly changed made while being "offline" on the device and once you're online they could upload instantly on the server but is it worth the hassle? Internet conection is pretty much available everywhere now. And data plans usually have a lot of internet for cheap pricing. CC does not eat more than 3gb of data monthly when used excessively.
  • Isn't there an option for this in the freinds list :D
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    Sarco said:

    Isn't there an option for this in the freinds list :D

    You become pseudo-offline
    You do not go entirely offline. Your activity is still sent to the server and written on an activity log. You just appear offline to your friends but the system knows that you're online :]
    And you still need to have a decent internet connection lol.
  • +1000000 if this could be made possible in any way I would LOVE an offline mode
  • +2000 it’s hard to play cc if you’re in a remote area.And @lucaaa795 Internet is not everywhere. In my country, in many places, just one of the notable 5-6 carriers work and you never know if your carrier works in that place. When I’m at home, I have unlimited data but when I’m travelling, it’s not so easy. This will help. Like a lot
  • Would be hard to iterate it into the systems though.
  • Maybe we can build whatever we need just like mcpe creative lol
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