How to host An Event!


A lot of us love to host an event especially bomb games. However, it might end up in chaos and you'll be wasting your hard earned money! Mthe qbees leave your event. Now, heres a guide for those who want to host an event.

Spoiler: Materials you will need

Materials You Need To Host A Bomb Game

-Lots of Qbee bombs

-Some Green Bombs (for tricking contestants)

-Flooring that looks unique/interesting

-A warp anchor, to keep the pesky cheaters at bay

- A Checkpoint block, to make sure you keep inside the box

- A Prize Dispencer (Optional), Alternative way to give prize to the winner

- A Cash register (Optional), Alternative way to give prize to the winner

- A Pedestrian Block, to stop them car glitchers

Materials You Need To Host A Dice Game

- Dice block (obviously)

- A Switch block (Optional)

-You will also need the same materials as the bomb game (exept the bombs)

Materials You Need To Host A Bottomless Game

- Any weather stamp that is not bottomless

- Any weather stamp that is bottomless

- You Will Also Need The Same Materials You Need For a Bomb Game (except the bombs)

Materials You Will Need To Host A True Or False Game

- You Will Need The Same Materials You Need For A Bomb Game (except the bombs)

-A shed load of questions

Materials You Will Need To Host A Giveaway!

- Prize Dispenser

- Items to giveaway

Materials You Need To Host A Parkour

- A Checkpoint bumper

- A Heal bumper (optional)

- A Prize dispenser

- Some Prizes

- A Pedestrian block

- A Warp Anchor block

- A Bottomless stamp

Here are some optional ideas I have came up with:

- A Cash register, If you don't have a prize dispenser to give the prize to the winner

- A Tip Piggy, to ask for donations to help fund your future projects

- A Music Box, to give the players something to listen to while parkouring

- A Gather Bumper, To gather qbees inside the arena

- A Mute Bumper, Helps to stop the spam and get People to listen

- A hidey bumper, to hide their names thus making it easier to see contestants and yourself


Recommend Room Sizes

15 x 15 : Recommended size for a giveaway

25 x 25 : Recommended for true or false

30 x 30 : Recommended for bomb game and dice game

Spoiler: How to host Bomb game

How to successfully host a bomb game:

Use qbee bombs to kill the players and the last qbee standing wins.

Here are some of the different methods to kill the qbees:

- The Tube: They have to jump to survive the bomb.

- The Box/Pipe: They have to run from side to side to survive the bombs.

- The Monkey: They have to jump and to move around to survive the bombs.

- On the block: They have to jump away from the designated block to survive the bomb. Then after that, they will have to go back to the designated block and wait for the owner to place another bomb



- Give prizes. Just make sure that the prizes will attract players and prevent them from leaving

- Don't sell 2nd Chances. Although you don't get banned for this people may ridicule you for doing so

- Don't make threats to cheaters, make promises

- Don't put win limitations (Number of times where player can win)

- It is good to make your game hard, however do not make it too hard

Spoiler: How to host bottomless game

To host a successful bottomless game:

Eliminate players by making them fall therefore dying.


Preparation for Bottomless game:

Make a small cube made out of glass. Make sure you build it 20 high from the floor of the realm/room.

Methods of killing qbees:

- Use an accelo ring to fling them away from the block and make them fall.

- You can use any half blocks to make qbees fall into bottomless by putting the half block over the block they're standing on.


Do not place any vertical accelo Rings only horizontal ones

Spoiler: How to host true or false

How to host a successful True or False game

Recite a statement then let them choose if the statement is true or false. The qbees who picked the wrong choice die.


Build 2 boxes and then name the cubes either true or false.



DO NOT STATE ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. Example: What is my real name?


How to successfully host a dice game:

- Get some people and tell them to get into 1 of the 6 boxes.

- Pound the dice, and the number that matches with the box. All qbees in that box will die.



Make 6 cubes and then name them all 1-6 (not literally)



Make sure no one else can bump the dice whilst you bump

Spoiler: How to host a giveaway


Giving away stuffs to others.


Place the dispencer inside a box and then open the cube when you have a crowd



Make sure that no one can get a prize until you open the box.



Items worth 10c below - Qbees will most likely leave unless they just wanna play for fun.

Items worth 10c - 50c - Qbees may stay a little bit

Items worth 60c - 100c - Few Qbees will stay longer

Items worth 100c - 1000c - Qbees will stay and have fun

Items worth 1000c above - Qbees will stay because who doesn't like expensive prizes.


IMPORTANT NOTE! for bomb games, dice games, true or false game and bottomless games

Don't sell 2nd Chances. Although you don't get banned for this people may ridicule you for doing so

Other Events
Spoiler: Pageant

Some Events:

- Pageant/Model


Room/Enough space in your realm

A Huge stage
Enough chairs for audience to sit during the program
Contestants (5-15)



Glass, to cover the stage so the audiences cant ruin the stage while the contestants are doing their catwalks.

Music Box/Note Blocks: Background music ey? (NOTE: You will need someone to play the note block)

Fireworks/Firecrackers:Everyone wants explosions right?

Weather Stamps: Adds to the mood of the program.


Holla: You can invite everyone to watch or limited audition only.

Switch Blocks: Serves as a entrance to the Catwalk Stage

How to play:
Grade the contestants based on your criteria. Highest contestant who got the highest grade wins!

Spoiler: Fast Killed


Accelorings (Vertical or Horizontal) Enough to fill the Whole Battle area.

Qbee Bombs , White Plaster, Black Bomb, Any bottomless stamp, Glass Block, Mecha Spikes, Room (25 by 25 to 50 by 50)

How to Make the Arena:

1st: Cover the arena with glass (Dont put floor INSIDE THE ARENA. Put floor OUTSIDE/SPECTATORS AREA)

2nd: Put Vertical accelorings (The one that Push you forward or backward not Upward) around the arena. Then Put a glass in the center of arena. Make sure that the Location of the glass is big enough that if you place a qbee bomb, it will be able to Kill qbees in the Accelorings.

3rd: Surround the Center Arena with mecha spikes so Players cannot go in the center.

4th: If you want to start the game, make sure all players will go inside the Accelorings and after that, you can place the bottomless)

How to play:

Just stay in the Accelorings. It is all about luck *If you wont die from the bombs Placed by the host*


1. Make sure to Buy Prizes before the game (Wearables) because it is not advisable to use cubits as a prize.

2. Keep your Game room clean. Have a Good Spectator room so your Players won't be bored and leave your event.

3. Have atleast 4 hollas available. Plan the time and date!

4. Be a fun Host! No one wants a rude, unfair, impatient and sloppy host.

5. Give the Prizes to the winners! Don't waste their time....

6. If you have a co-host, make sure that they won't steal your items and prizes.

7. No budget? Submit your event to Sir.Kewberth by messaging him through forums. Make sure your event is good enough making the Qbees vote to your event. If you won, you will get 50,000 cubits as a budget for your Event and another 50,000 cubits as a prize for the winners. For more information, visit the topic of Sir.Kewberth in General Chat.

8. Make sure to have fun!

MADE BY: Paulineeencl


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