The White Tree (Story - Parkour realm)

You are a traveller on the hunt for mysteries. You come to a nice and simple village with pixel people and floating islands to seek for a mysterious tree somewhere around there. But, upon arrival, you found something else even stranger than the tree itself.

Find the white tree behind the barrier, and at the same time discover a mystery lying in Regent Village!

This is a simple and small parkour realm with some minor puzzle elements. I want to make this build simple since this is my first build for the beginning of a grand story, and it serves as a baseline for all of my upcoming builds for my story. But still, I hope you will enjoy yourself there.

Location: The room inside my realm: Cinailla's Realm

There are also a few prizes for all winners as a token of appreciation. Be fast, those are limited!

All responses are appreciated, since I can improve from those mistakes and create better builds in the future. (Apart from the small realm size, which I did it on purpose)

Thank you!



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