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BFCI is inspired by the series Battle for Dream Island. BFCI is a elimination game where you try to win all these contests and try to win the grand prize(s).

Can I play?
Yes,you can play BFCI but it can only fit 20 contestants.

How do you play anyway?
For example: I am the host and I choose two captains to pick 10 members into their team. Then there is a contest and you work together to prevent your team from elimination. If your team wins,you will not be up for elimination. If,however,you lose for your team,your team will be up for elimination.

What happens next?
If your team is up for elimination,the crowd that are watching you play are going to vote on who to eliminate,if they all or mostly choose you,you are eliminated. If the votes are tied,you will have to do a short tiebreaker contest and whoever loses will be eliminated.

What happens after I'm eliminated?
Good question,you will go to a cage called ''The Abused QBees'' and stay there until told to get out. If you refuse to get in,you will risk a permanent ban.

Will I rejoin?
When there is ten people eliminated,there will be a rejoining-ation called ''Rejoining Time!'' The voters will vote on who to rejoin BFCI. If everyone votes for you to rejoin,you will rejoing the Battle for Cub's Items.

What happens when I win?
You will win the prizes and get a shoutout in the results in the forums.

But what is the prize? D:<</b>
An Elf Hat,Jingle Bells,Santa Hat and 270c.

Please be quick if you want to join as this thread may quickly be closed. Remember that I will close this thread when 20 forumers decide to participate in BFCI. Please say ''I will join'' in the comments if you want to join.


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