Permanent Realm location

I placed my realm and the next day it was still located in Pelago were I placed the day before, it got stuck like this and is now stuck in the Pelago arctic. The deed will not go back into my inventory. All out of ideas.


  • elemental godelemental god The netherlandsMember
    The realm will automatically despawn if the realm is not being visited for 4 days or so and even faster when the realm is locked and not visited for some days

    If then the realm remains there you can also ask support to get it removed
  • UU Member
    Just set the realm to only me and don’t visit it. It will go back to your inventory.
  • If you lock it to just you, it will often go back to inventory within a couple of hours if you log out of the game and come back a few hours later (not exactly sure how many, but it's not days). Just lock it before you log off at night, and it will probably be back in your inventory by the next time you log back on the next day.

    Also, I've noticed they often are back in your inventory after a major update if you don't have at least 10K blocks placed (even if not locked).

    We are expecting a major overworld update soon, so this may be all OBE soon anyway.
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
    edited December 2018
    Lock it up and log off for 15 minutes. Make yourself a drink or chat with your friends meanwhile :)
  • I read your suggestions and you guys don't understand that the glitch is that for about a week the little brown realm deed would not return to my inventory. Fortunately the glitch has now cleared itself up. Thanks anyway.
  • I know this works because the devs have provided this to us so we can decay any realm as we need to. Set who can visit the realm to 'Only You', then simply log out of cubic castles for at least 5 minutes. It really is as simple as that & I am sorry if you have done this with no luck.

    I do know there are realm glitches because my 1 realm decays about 5 times a day and I have a lot of placed blocks. Yes it is in Aspen.
  • UU Member
    Like 6 people have told them to lock their realm. Baby also said it was fixed. lol
  • Ya, but now I know like 15 differnt ways to word fixing the same problem. XD
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