PDC central This Weeks Special Giveaway!

Hello! there! This will be The new daily PDC official Thread

The official thread where we can announce Our upcoming PDC’s

Now you Might be Wondering.

What is a PDC?

PDC stands for “ Pick Da colour “ A Pick da colour is a Prize game. by that. it is completely similar to a giveaway. Although it is better than the average giveaway. Because it has a spice into it! A spice that entertains & not only Drags you there, Forced & just wanting the prizes. But Lures you in. & teaches you patience & acceptance wether you get a prize or not.
We do our best to entertain & serve everyone new fresh content to make the game even more Interesting & best as it was!

So how does it work?

PDC’s are pick da colours. One of the colours Contains a wonderful prize, such as Krampuses etc! Basically You get choosed by the Host. Escorted trough the presents/Colours. & make you pick a specific colour/gift you’d like to open. & there it goes. you recieve your wonderful 1, or 2 or 3 Awesome wearables or furnitures.

Presents with Stars above it.

The unlucky, Lucky stars. 4 Presents that has Stars above it. contains Major Lucky rare prizes, or Unluvky presents such as, Coal etc. Take your own risk. & rely on your luck. or be unlucky. challenge & try to aim for the star! >:)

As you can see. These Tiny gift boxes. Contains exclusive rare prizes in it! waiting to be served & used! 18Prizes for this big arena! & 13 Prizes on a much more smaller arena ^_^!

How to get picked?

Simply Behave & sit on Sofas & not constantly beg to get picked. because it overwhelms us. & makes the PDC more slower because we’d have to remind you. not to beg. but either way. Just behave & wait for your turn. & we’ll try to reach out to everyone & reach to those who are more patient & behaved trough out the game!


1, Don’t ever Swear on the PDC. because we will immediately Ban you from the realm & prevent you from joining it again

2, Don’t ever beg to be picked. it only reduces the chance of you getting the chance to participate & receive a prize. You’ve waited too long. you don’t want to not receive anything don’t you?

3, No drama. Drama is prohibited on the pdc.. If you still continue on. & got a warning but didn’t stop. Then i will have to bring my ban hammer.

4, When your done Taking your prizes. it is sure that you will be pulled away. But if they forgot to or lost there eye on you. Simply tell the gatherer, Or leave the room by following the Green line which leads to the exit. to prevent Crowds inside the area while doing the game.

Thank you for reading all the way here! We will be announcing The game & make it easy. thank you!


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    Mini Pdc’s 13Prizes comes first before the Big mega PDC’s takes places this week.

    Either US/Dates, 12/27,28,29, Asia/Dates, 12/27,28,29,30

    Times will be random, But we will do it on the times where alot of Qbees are online.


    2018Krampuses, A ton of Xmas Valuables. & old Xmas valuables. & Alot of Snowmans & Starry scarfs, Fake krampuses, Greek Orthdox

    & By i mean alot. A chestful of these specific items.

    Penguin pets, Reindeer Pets, all sorts! a possible Pow opening this week!

    Christmas Special PDC! 4OOk worth of items! so you better not miss any of the Mega ones! or the Mini Ones!

    PDC central, is the name of the realm. If you want to catch up! we will be notifying you trough out the HOLLA system !!

  • New stage look like krampus
  • New stage look like krampus

    Eyeless Krampus
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