Null Blocks??

AshTartAshTart Member
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So i just logged in and saw this..


  • pickles2001pickles2001 Member
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    your textures are begged. try reinstalling your game.
  • DoodleDogDoodleDog FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    your textures are begged. try reinstalling your game.

    Not as much as reinstalling, reopening should help.
  • -Alvin--Alvin- FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    Re-open game, this onlu happened when CC loading and u log out and log in back

    Example :
    Open CC(loading)
    Quit game and go to facebook
    Go back CC
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    Reset the game maybe? Ive dont that when everything was bugged and glitched
  • CordsCords Member
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    I think the only way you can see this glitch is what alvin said or you are on an old phone/tablet
  • edited February 12 30.80 Karma
    when i go somewere for a long time and turn off my tablet when cc is on, my game gets bugged and when i reset the game quickly, it doesnt load stuff properly
    (i saw part of the kitty and it was glitched) :'(
  • rayverrayver Member
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    did u just curse XD i see that chat log empty
    anyways, try to restart tje game. if it doesnt work then reinstall the game
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