Christmas Short Story Contest (OFFICIAL EVENT) RESULTS!!!

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Christmas Short Story Contest

Thanks to everyone for entering as always, i do enjoy the amount of time and effort people put into the stories and its a pleasure to read them all.
Sorry to all of you who don't win and also to those of you who enjoyed the Halloween stories video, i had planned on doing the same again but unfortunately i am a bit ill so no one wants to listen to that!


in no particular order here are my five favourite stories and poems. You each win a Santa sleigh and penguin pet!

The floorboards creaked silently under the pressure of two pairs of petite, delicate feet. The duo pranced and waltzed their way down the spiral staircase which led to the ever so mighty Christmas Tree.

"Merry Christmas, my dear children! Your presents are waiting for you. Open them for a wonderful surprise!" exclaimed Angel.

Without hesitation, both children rushed towards the towering Christmas Tree to unwrap their presents. They could hardly wait! Upon unboxing what lay in both their gift-wrapped boxes, what Tom and Eddie was expecting did not come true. Instead, what lay inside both of their presents were a note. Just a sheet of paper. Both boys were utterly disappointed. Though, the presented note read:

Treasure lies deep down in blankets of thick snow,
Never heard of, never once seen.
What you seek for lies within,
For this is what I bestow.

Tom and Eddie looked perplexed and exchanged glances. This was no ordinary Christmas present. They knew at once that it was something that should be sought for, something that should be lurking around in the chilly weather outside.

"Mother, what does this note symbolise? Why are we not given presents this year? Have we been too naughty?" asked Tom, looking confused.

He placed the note down and paced towards his mother. She was ready for this, and expected it.
With that, she heaved a heavy sigh and said:
"Look, you two, before you were born, your grandfather was a beta member of Cubic Castles and was in charge of everything. The things you see now and exist is all because of his hard work in testing them before releasing them to us Qbees. While he worked for the admins, he secretly hid a gift in our house, in which he kept it a secret from the Admins and, when he left us in search of a better real life, he told us his last wish, and from that I directly quote: Angel, remember this. I have hidden a secret gift in our house. Not even the All Seeing Eye knows about it. What I want you to do is put these notes in your children's presents. It is hidden somewhere in this household... the note specifies where it is..."

At once, both Tom and Eddie rose to their feet. They knew that this was something really important. Having understood what their mother had told them, they embarked on a journey. A journey so chilly and windy. One that froze their hands and chipped off at their feet. Yet, they were persistent.

Heading out into the blustery, cold weather, they both put on their Robes and their Ugly Christmas Sweaters and set out on their journey. The snow was at least three feet thick, enveloping the entrance of their very own house. They dug and dug, taking no breaks, not even stopping for a warm glass of Hot Cocoa. Their tiny, flailing arms found it hard to carry on mining.

After continuous hours of relentless mining, for once, they hit a hard spot. A block so hard that even their strongest and most refined Steel Hammers couldn't penetrate the thick walls of that single block. Mining away the blocks that surrounded it, they noticed something rather peculiar about it. It was no regular block. It was decorated and draped with Red Ribbons and had a festive Christmas outlook. After moments of scrutinizing at the peculiar block that they never had seen before, Eddie noticed a note which hung onto the bottom of the ribbon which read:
The treasure finally unfolds,
A prize for only the finest,
The actions done have been bold,
For this gift is truly the brightest.
Touch it and you shall see,
The various presents you will receive!
Enjoy, and have a Merry Christmas,
For this is my letter of forgiveness.

Both Tom and Eddie touched the gift simultaneously, and suddenly, a timer countdown was issued. They looked up, and heard loud ticks. 9... 8... 7... 6...

"What's going on??? screamed Tom, "It's about to blow!!!"
"Well, the note did say it would be the brightest gift we'd ever receive, so it'd better be good!" replied Eddie.
5... 4... 3... 2... 1...


The block EXPLODED in the air, handling out various prizes - Gingerbread Blocks, Jingle Bells Speaker, Christmas Chests, and even a Starry Scarf! What an epic block! With a scintillating performance, the block vanished, in all its might.
Tom and Eddie then headed around to collect the prizes that they had just received, and retreated back into their comfortable dwelling.
"Wow! What an amazing block that was! What was it?" queried Tom.

"Well, we will never know. I believe that will be the only time we'd be able to witness such a picturesque scene, though. We got some awesome stuff from it though. Really cool things!" exclaimed Eddie.

Yet, none of them heard the whispers of the wind, unceremoniously whipping in their faces, in the distance, whispering: "I hope you appreciated that Pow Gift."

It's Christmas!

A time to give and share!
There's presents everywhere!
Doogs and Meemews frollicking,
There's snowflakes in the air!

We gather round to feast!
We cut the roasted beast!
Candies, pies, and bread to eat
The joy will never cease!

The Christmas tree lights up!
The Present Pows blowup!
With items falling everywhere
We cannot get enough!

Treezilla drops his gifts!
We grab them just as swift!
With Qbees jumping, slamming here
"I didn't get anything..."

Ahem. Please ignore that. I promise you we're all generous, loving, kind, and thoughtful. Continue.

A day of love and kindness,
A day to share our joy
With penguin pets and candy canes,
All gifts for girls and boys.

And Krampus Claus will come as well,
We hope to see him soon
He hands out ugly brownish masks
By the full light of the moon.

We gather all together now
To share this holiday
We celebrate our joy and peace
On this wondrous Christmas Day.


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    All You Gotta Do Is Believe

    Cubic Castles had never been so filled before
    With customers running from store to store.
    Buying for friends and Qbees alike,
    And even a box 'o blocks for my tike.

    Candy canes, turkish treats, chocolate bars,
    Santa hats, reindeers, and sparkling stars
    Lit up the center of the crowd
    In which was bantering and quite loud
    For they did not know who Santa was
    As he sat with the children just because.

    This was not just a man in red,
    He was a jolly old fellow that said
    "I will see you all tonight,
    In your dreams, and out of sight"

    And so the children went home
    And set up their trees,
    All the while wondering
    If Santa they would see.

    I lifted him up high
    Above the tree with a hop,
    To put on a special ornament
    A shiny star glimmering,
    A shiny star top

    And so he went to bed after a long meal
    Which was on sale, what a steal.
    We scrambled to place every last one,
    The presents to the children,
    They weighed half a ton.

    We went to bed, and so quietly
    Rushed upstairs to bed silently.
    Blew out the candle, and all at once
    The room became black, and I was a dunce.

    I put on my cap, as I always did
    When I forget about tucking in the kids.
    I walked across the hall, and to my surprise,
    Were two little ones fast asleep 'till sunrise.

    I only knew that as I had sat
    And fell asleep too, with a kid on my lap.
    How he got there I do not know,
    But it was calming, like a winter snow.

    She and him jumped upright
    And ran to see if the time was right
    To get up and open their toys
    To laugh with, to play with, and overall joy.

    Although something was different,
    Something was strange.
    Something had been altered,
    Something had changed.

    There was a bigger number of presents that before,
    Some were larger, some were smaller, but there were more.
    They were all addressed from the same guy,
    A big happy fellow, in a red suit and tie.

    So after a long day of happy,
    Just me, the wife, and kiddies,
    We settled down to open some packs:
    A few rares, a hat, and mitties.

    So after that, I wrote this poem,
    In my chair, and in my home.
    I tried my best, so don't be mean,
    Although a little Christmas spirit is all you need.

    A Christmas Magic

    Once Upon a Time on the day of December 3rd, Qbees all around, prepare for christmas.
    Realms full of christmas decorations and yummy looking foods.
    Everyone was full of joy and happiness working together, eating together and gifting each other.
    You could almost say ''Christmas is on the air!''
    Except for one player...

    He's name is Alex, he's one of the most richest player Qbee in Cubic Castles. He always wear the most rarest clothings in Cubic Castles and always make fun of the low level players, sometimes calling them noobs and shaming them in front of everyone and his friends.

    On the day of December 4th he met a player named Mark. Mark is selling a realm full of rare items but the price is... all the cubits of Alex. Alex was about to deny...
    then Mark said ''You can sell this items and gain more cubits than you have''. Alex was convinced and he payed using all of his cubits. And after that he got banned from the realm by Mark.

    Alex is crying and he was seen by his rich friend, Jessica
    ''Why are you crying?'' Jessica asked.
    ''I got scammed and I lost all my cubits'' Alex said while crying.
    ''Dont worry I have an idea... Sell me some of your rares and I will buy it'' Jessica said.
    ''It's all in my storage room'' Alex said.

    Then the two of them goes to Alex's Storage Room where Alex stored most of his rares

    ''I gave you permission to access my storage so just choose what you like to buy'' Alex said with a smile

    ''Sure'' Jessica said
    ''I gotta go to the toilet I'll be back'' Alex said

    After a few minutes Alex came back and all his items in the storage were lost. All items where stolen by Jessica. He teleported to Jessica and he saw what he didn't expected.
    He saw Jessica and Mark sharing his cubits and rare items, he also heard Mark and Jessica how noob Alex is, they were laughing so hard and Alex is crying.

    Alex then had plans to quit but then he heard someone calling his name.
    ''Hi Sir Alex'' the new player said.
    Alex then remembered its the player that he called a noob in the past.
    ''I'm sorry for calling you a noob, the truth is im the real noob'' Alex said with tears on his eyes.
    ''I don't care about that Sir Alex, Can you help me sell dirt?'' the new player asked.
    Alex wiped out his tears and then started laughing and the new player was wondering why Alex is laughing.
    ''You're such a noob... C'mon lets sell some Dirts'' Alex said happily.

    Luckily they sold all the dirt and gained 500 cubits.

    ''Thank you so much Sir Alex... By the way where is your clothes?'' the new player said.

    ''I sold it and gained 100,000 cubits'' Alex said.

    ''I'm going to put my 500 cubits in my piggy bank-'' the new player said and was shocked.

    ''There's 50,000 cubits in my piggy bank!'' the new player said.
    ''That's my gift to you'' Alex said with a smile.
    ''I don't need it though'' the new player said.

    The new player starts to hover in the air and then a flash of light flashes on the realm.
    The new player was SirKewberth.

    ''Merry Christmas and this is my gift to you'' SirKewberth said with an echo

    Then SirKewberth was gone in a blink of an eye. Alex goes near tp the place where SirKewbirth left and he saw a Pow Gift and a Krampus Mask.
    After that he touched the Pow Gift and...


    Alex received some rares and sold them. He's rich again and on December 5th he did a giveaway to all the low level players. Then Alex remembered the Legend pf the Krampus

    ''On the Day of December 5th the Krampus visits and punishes all the naughty children''

    Alex then pays a visit to the place where he last saw Mark and Jessica. Alex was shocked of what he saw. There were no signs of Mark and Jessica only two stone gargoyles wearing a cheap fake mask.
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    It was an hour after sundown when Naomiii opened her winter realm.
    She had set up almost everything for the party, certain things having to be substituted from the lack of representation from the Yuletide pack from years prior. Even if she had struggled to make everything perfect for her friends, she still was excited to share her winter spirit with them.
    She held onto the hope that maybe the pack would be different this year.
    Maybe this year, everyone would have something special for them.
    Just maybe, everyone would be smiling this winter season.
    Naomiii plopped herself down on the bench she was standing next to and took one more look around the realm to make sure everything looked as it should have been from the house build to the lake of ice outside. It wasn’t anything big or lavish but it was homey at least. It was going to be something they could enjoy and share together even if they had very different traditions from one another.
    Before the little qbee could have a second thought about changing something, a crunching sound echoed across the realm and near the entrance of the realm appeared one of the people she was waiting for.
    Rosie, one of her closest friends since she was a mere level seven.
    “Woah! This changed so much in the last few hours!”
    Naomiii didn’t have time to answer for Rosie was already pouncing through the realm to get passed the snow and then settled herself on the bench. She began to rummage through her backpack as she continued to speak, “Guess what I did while I was waiting for you and Liel. I know I have a bad time with saving and everything but this time I’m gonna do better!”
    “Go ahead and humor me.”
    “I was buying cubits so we can get the Yuletide pack!”
    Rosie let a grin overtake her pale face to show her enthusiasm.
    “You’re one of the best people I know, but the worst saver.”
    The girl finally stopped looking through her bag to pull out three golden tip piggies with an, ‘ah-ha!’ then turned back towards her friend to ask where the gift table was. Naomiii jumped up from the bench with a little twirl and showed her to the fancy table near a Christmas tree, their chat bubbles bobbling above their heads as they moved around it. The three pigs were placed upon the table one after another and labeled with signs for who they were intended for. “This is just the first gift for Liel, tomorrow you can give her one, even though she said that gifts weren’t something that mattered.” Rosie told her, shaking her bag in one hand with a knowing smile, “But, you get a couple of presents today when we open them, some more tomorrow.”
    “And, so do you from both of us.”
    Both the girls shared a quick moment before Liel was popping into the realm next to them and giving them some holiday greetings. The third girl looked around the realm in awe, her eyes landing on the menorah that had been built against the wall behind them all. She was the one that had celebrated Hanukkah, a very minor holiday in her religion but nevertheless it meant something that her friend did something for her too.
    “Did you have a good time with your family?” Rosie asked.
    Liel spoke up with, “Yeah, it was really fun! Am I late to the party?”
    “Late to our three lady party? You’re so soo late.” Naomiii joked.
    All three of them decided that they’d eat first after a quick talk, heading inside the house and to the table which was adored with fried foods and different types of candles. They shared their day with each other and discussed the build around them, pointing how well Naomiii had matched the colors blue and silver with red and green. “Sorry there’s nothing like doughnuts in game, Liel. But I tried to use other things in the game to make up for that.” Naomiii explained after they had moved on to another conversation, this one regarding the food choice. Liel brushed off her apology with, “It’s not your fault. Maybe they’ll add something like that one day, maybe even in a future pack.”
    “Hopefully! What about you, Rosie? Do you like the decorations? I tried to incorporate Christmas themes into the realm too, since you celebrate that.”
    “They’re absolutely perfect! You even put the stockings in the bedroom like my parents do every Christmas.”
    After a look around the house and the girls playing around in the bedrooms, they heading back outside to open their presents, the conversation they were having lingering with their winter spirit. Snowmen lined the pathway to the gift table, where they were now gathered around and passing the presents to one another. Liel was the first to open her present from Rosie, the golden tip piggy bursting into nothing more than a regular one once she picked it up with a dazzling smile across her face as she thanked her friends for everything they had done. They both reassured her that there would be another tomorrow if she wanted then moved on.
    Rosie was the second to open her gifts, the first one being from Liel which had been a full Mrs. Claus outfit- something that had the girl putting it on immediately and showing it off. Naomiii’s gift to her had been a pow gift, something that Rosie was definitely going to share with her friends later on. Last of all, Naomiii opened her gifts, a couple of them being from Rosie which had been build materials and another gift from Liel- a realm deed.
    “I think it’s time for you to light the candle, if you want to that is!” Naomiii suddenly said after they cleaned up all their gifts and set them aside.
    “I would love to! How are we going to do it?”
    The excitement that tainted Liel’s voice was something heartwarming.
    “Well.. Uh, we can’t really light the candles in the game, so I just thought that maybe you’d just like to place a craftable one on there? Is that okay?”
    “I love that idea.” Liel took the candle out from Naomiii’s hands and clutched it tightly to her chest, “Thank you so so much for this.”
    “Maybe they’ll add a menorah to the pack this year. Wouldn’t that be nice?” Naomiii said, looking back at Rosie to see if she was listening.
    She nodded and shuffled up against her friend to cheer on Liel as the qbee climbed up the side of the menorah. First, she lit the middle holder, placing a candle there then moved off towards the left side of the menorah. There was a sudden pause before she was placing the candle in the very first holder, signifying that the very first candle was lit for the first day of Hanukkah. A holiday that she could share not only with her family, but her friends too. She went back to join her friends and together they stared at the scene before them, hand in hand with each other..

    “Happy Hanukkah, merry Christmas and happy Holiday.”
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