Where's Pengo? Christmas Events?

Somehow Christmas is a time for giving, someone give me heat it's so cold.

Some of you may have already noticed my recent games Where's Pengo, a CC-Wide Hide-'n'-Seek sort of game (Go to the realm "Where's Pengo" to understand the rules. I've played this game 3 times so far, giving away 100-200k in items :D

I plan to do this game everyday or so, but I wanna do more. What events do you wanna see? Parkours, Mazes, Bomb Games, new games I've designed? (I've got a few in-stock ;)

I also have something huge planned for the 21st of December, more information coming soon ;)

Merry Christmas to all ^.^ - (I am Mr. Penguin In-Game for anyone confused)


  • Do the Banning Game if you know the game i mean, you hosted it a while ago, also bomb games, bottomless games and other new games sounds cool ^^.
  • MarieAraMarieAra MexicoMember
    I would like to suggest a game called "Marie needs your undivided attention 24/7 please and thank you"
  • ^yes or else we will sue for animal abuse
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