My chick pet doesn't gain experience...why??

CrystalliseCrystallise Member
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I can't seem to get my chick pets to gain experience, why does that happen?


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  • CrystalliseCrystallise Member
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    I did feed the pet, but it didn't gain experience
  • CrystalliseCrystallise Member
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    Does chick pets require you to be at least level 15?
  • iKONICiKONIC Member
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    Nope, event pets like reindeers doesnt need a level requirement. And leveling up a pet will take a long time, so patience is needed. Cats, dogs, hoppers, ramms, are the only ones that needs a level requirement
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    No, only cats and dogs. Although, you are required to be level 25 and up to use rams and hoppers.
  • CrystalliseCrystallise Member
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    Oh ok thx :)
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