Cubic Meme Realm Review

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Hi, I've been very bored trying out new Ideas in making Cubic Castles Videos aside from trolling, parodies, and tutorials (etc.)
So I decided to create a similar content from some famous youtubers and try to showcase it every week.

Introducing. . .

.. just read the title of the thread. .


Make a realm/room with a build showcasing internet memes or even in-game memes.

make pepe the frog if you like!
feelsgoodman. .

I'll be featuring your Built Memes every week on my channel and would make a realm containing all of the Rooms I've featured on my videos soon.

Just make sure that your build would fall under the rules:
- The build should not be inappropriate
- The build should not contain any hurtingwords hidden or any offensive messages.

This concept is still ongoing and on testing, I encourage you to join and be creative with your work.

Have a great day.
~ Medi-Chan



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