Favourite Update? :v)



  • Each update brings forth something great to the table like Fadey and I employ the new facets that I can be creative with but hands down my favorite update is the Thanksgiving Update >:O! Food is life, I would die without it not to sound dramatic...because I would die.
  • Hinter said:

    The update adding confirmation windows to the registers. Such a relief for modnum everywhere.

    Hehe I mentioned that for my favourite update too! :D
  • YakrooYakroo Somewhere In The Milky WayMember
    Its Still In Cubic Store 50c Each -> Tricky Dice Block
    Fave Update Would Be The Change Of Bunny Pj's Design Of An Item...
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  • YakrooYakroo Somewhere In The Milky WayMember
    Fave Update For Me Is The Exe Mask And The Pets :3
  • piratax10 said:

    My favorite updates are:
    Prize machine
    Dice block
    Warp food

    And i have a question...
    Who have a tricky dice block? Cuz i never saw one in all my qbee life and i think many never saw and missed this poor block :(

    the tricky dice block just looks like a normal one except it explodes and kills everyone near it when you bump it.
  • My favorite Update to the game was for sure The Dungeon Pack. I loved the hype that filled CC all throughout that week, never before had I seen so many people in Forest & Tropical Mines hunting down Fairies by the minutes, and how many people were playing pranks on their friends by Phantom Foaming their floors, it truly was an amazing and exciting Update for all in CC.
  • HellesHelles Member
    Im still new, but i was there when water current was released... XD
  • My favourite Update was the one where the Drop rule changed ^-^
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