Vend shop, buying love balloon and motley shirt- all your price!!!

xomer55xomer55 Member
edited December 2018 in Trading Section 9.70 Karma
Currently selling:
Forever claim bumper-300c (got 2)
Chef's coat-300c (got 6)
Some kinds of food bumpers-450c each (out of stock rn)
UV shades-52k
dog kennel level 49-15k
golden cube-3k (got 3)
zombie head-1.6k (got 4)
frankestein head-3k
corn crops-1/1c (stacks of 100)
black flower skirt-90c
easter hat-1.3k
Can lower a bit some of the stuff above, just ask, and i may have forgotten a few items so its really better to visit the vend shop
It is all in vends in the realm "The Community Shop" (constantly restocking with new items), also got a new shop, that some of the stuff may be there "Cube Land's Shop"
Also buying:
love balloon- your price
motley shirt- your price
Dark angel wings-10.5k each
Pm me if you sell


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