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    Scott santoro
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    Aya plays.
    Need a screen recorder and mother dearest to stop watching her creepy videos!
    Budget is £0. So no payed for screen recorders.
    May do livestream. com/user/ayaplays is that your channel?

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    Aquí esta lo que pediste Daresx
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    at any 100 subs 100 hats giveaway :)
  • It's a youtube channel run by our group, Book_Biscuit, DraziKLpanda, Nomjums!, JAX14, and Dirk Llyod. "FUJI SOUP" OuO.. .
  • MoochMooch Member
    I have a YouTube channel name CubicMooch (i didn't copy it from anyone) I just started yesterday I am gonna make better vids soon
  • my channel name is cubic qbee
  • My channel: Equipe X10
    And my first video involving cc is here:
  • Ome ROme R Member
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    My channel is CubicCastles Gaming the picture is Qubee with headphones
    here's a link to how to unlock camera
  • My YouTube Channel is named

    also here's a video!

    I made it just today.
    I'm gonna be doing Old-School games like Pokemon, Zelda, Mario etc :v

    I'm gonna upload a video every day!
  • My Channel:
    I uploaded some videos ...
    I'd upload more videos about cc for sure! :P
  • Space_FetusSpace_Fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    mine is ataleofseven hearts, its mainly our minecraft world atm but im looking to start doing videos on our new cubic castles project
  • I have it,name is: Cubic - iG99 -
  • ThuggieThuggie Member
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    Well good that you say this, I'm starting one, Well actuly restarting, And I'm gonna make a lot of vidéos about the game, soooo... here my channel : Sweet Annie Cubic666 , I made just one video, It's just a black screen so the channel can appear when you type this ^ .
  • The Awesome Dude
  • HorusHorus EnglandMember, Forum Moderator, Retired Moderator
    piratax10 said:

    My channel: Equipe X10
    And my first video involving cc is here:

    That's a great build!
  • Piratax10Piratax10 Member
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    Horus said:

    piratax10 said:

    My channel: Equipe X10
    And my first video involving cc is here:

    That's a great build!
    Ty :)
  • PiggyCube1PiggyCube1 Member
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    Hello Channel is Piggy Cube1
  • NanoSlime_NanoSlime_ Member
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    So, I'm back, I will still be making Cubic Castles timelapses such as the one below.
    My YouTube channel is Cubic NanoSlime
    Here is my newest and favorite Cubic Castles Time lapse.

  • _DaPerson__DaPerson_ CanadaMember
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    Hiya, I'm DaP. (yay?)
    I recently started an Cubic Castles YT Channel. Feel free to check it out. :)

    I just uploaded a video, here you go :)
  • Hello! Anyone know Echo Gaming? Well he has a YouTube channel, too!

    Name of YouTube channel: Echo Gaming

    Youtube Icon: An Apple (The Company) picture.

    What Echo does: Cubic Castles 75% of the time.
  • Daresx11Daresx11 Member
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    Channel: Daresx11

  • pharamond cc
  • CC RevenantGaming
  •   Ed  Ed Game Moderator
    So i gave it a try too, with mic and my butiful voice
    This is just a test vid btw, nothing special
  • Daresx11 said:

    Dareeesx!!! >:)
  •   Ed  Ed Game Moderator
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  • MrEd said:

    Uploaded my first video thats not an announcement xd

    No offence... Your voice kinda sounds generic.
    It's kinda soothing though. I don't know.
  • I Have A YOUTUBE CHANELL!! Its called Dimas Ikhsandio. Only 3 Cc VIDS So Far. XxpeacexX
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