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  • Andorhino3619Andorhino3619 Member
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    My channel is called Andorhino !
    I do quite a bit of cc video.
  • JsmoothcJsmoothc Member
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    Icy Josue im doing vids with another qbee and i have 14 suscribers average views are 49
  • SamesharkuSamesharku Member
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    my Yr is: Cubic Fluffy, I do update info, game info, and more (I do other games also)
  • Daresx11Daresx11 Member
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  • 007Awesome007007Awesome007 Member
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    Just started uploading more :D
  • $uper Tiger$uper Tiger Member
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    my YT channel is cubic tiger.many videos of scammers.but the main reason i started a YT channel is for parkours/puzzles and new stuff.
  • Swim_DogSwim_Dog Member
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    My channel is Animal Jam - I haven't exactly 'started' video taping but
    What the heck
    Fluffol AJ
    subscribe to my grimy channel x3
  • shukranmominshukranmomin Member
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    My channel cubic vids
  • MythologistMythologist Member
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    My channel is called ✳ Shining Star ✳ If you like my videos, please subscribe, here is one of my videos :

    Loved the video! Also realm was cool!
  • pysinopysino WA Australia Member
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    I'll check these videos out tommorow!
  • Ome ROme R Member
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    Still waiting to find an recorder app for my iPad as soon as I find one ill share all past and future stuff
  • JsmoothcJsmoothc Member
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    Icy lovesice im doing vids with another qbee and i have 12 sucribers average views are 49
  • shukranmominshukranmomin Member
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    Cubic vids
  • SnowmehSnowmeh Member
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    My channel is under my player name, Snowmeh, It's still new, I post useful information about the game, my first video was about finding rubies.
  • UU Member
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    Dragon Gaming.

    Here is my first video, The Possible Course.

  • Athena ShyAthena Shy In TheTimMan's arms! Member
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    I am allowed to share my YouTube channel for Cubic Castles if I am in the videos?
  • Lucas The SpiderLucas The Spider U.K, England Member
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    I am allowed to share my YouTube channel for Cubic Castles if I am in the videos?

    Best PM Horus or a Forums Moderator for a faster reply.
  • Athena ShyAthena Shy In TheTimMan's arms! Member
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    My YouTube Channel: Cubic Athena Shy

  • bananaGeorgebananaGeorge Member
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    My youtube channel is Cubic Banana, heres one of ma vids
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    My Channel Is 'Assassination Android's Still <100 Subs Right Now But Planning To Do Some Voice Recording Soon. Can't Wait :D Go Check It Out!
  • Andorhino3619Andorhino3619 Member
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    anyone wanna do a collab? we can talk on the cc chat.
  • Lonely BranchLonely Branch Member
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    My channel is Dubby Pup 899
  • Daresx11Daresx11 Member
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    My youtube channel! Subscribe and like if u like it!
  • genstergenster Member
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    My channel is named GensteR GT/GD/CC , currently no Cubic Castles vids yet, but will make one if I know what I'm gonna make.
  • Ome ROme R Member
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    My YouTube channel is RemozyTube be sure to check it out! You will get many information about updates and more!
  • FrenchyyyFrenchyyy Member
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    Mine is Frenchyyy's Gaming Videos
  • *>Jess<**>Jess<* Member
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    Mine is CubicJess

    I'm thinking about posting vids soon :3
  • GabriFerMonGabriFerMon Member
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    I have a YouTube Channel, it's called Gabri FerMon (Brazilian Channel)
  • PennywisePennywise Member
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    I have 2 channels, Cremè Crafts and my main gaming channel Kawaiiness Angel
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