Jiggy's Junk (Shop) [Open]

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Welcome to Jiggy's Junk

Now, y'all be wondering
"Hey, wait a second! 'Junk'? Well this person must be selling junk items, eh?"

Nope, you're wrong! In this shop we sell:

- Halloween items
- Newbie items
- Rare(maybe) Items
- And much more at a reliable price!

(i just thought the name Jiggy's Junk was a good name :,>)


Just search

Jiggy's Junk

and you should find our shop!


Who are the owners?

Currently we have 2 members who are:

- Sir. Jigsaw (me)
- Tumbleweed

If you have any questions or suggestions, please PM us!


Current Bestsellers

None yet


We hope to see you there!

PS: Tell me if i put this in the wrong category and i'll move it to the right one ;w;


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