Update glitch

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When i open CC all is fine but when on we go to Finding server there it stops and screen says cc is out of date update it,but when i check there is no update option idk what is this glitch. :(


  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
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    Try deleting the whole game (including files) and reinstall the game
  • That QbeeThat Qbee Member
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    @"Elemental god" How do you go to the files on IPad?
  • DrakayDrakay Member
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    Huh it happens to me aswell I tried reinstalling but didint work... Rip
  • EagenceEagence FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    Its totally normal, sometimes it doesn't work.
    Don't be sad not all games are perfect ^^
    Some do bug a lot, and it can be annoying...
    For PC: Try to clear appdata folder and uninstall game. Remove desktop shortcut. Then install it back again from steam...

    For Mobile: Remove it from your device, remove relevant files from appdata folder in your specific mobile device and then just install/download app again... If you can't find appdata in mobile use gear icon in games setting and clear cache...

    If none works, you may always play another game... Its ok...
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