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Welcome to my first event!

In this event there will enter a raffle that will be drawn once per day for prizes! There is a currently open room in Sawa's Lobby that leads to a raffle room. There are 12 prizes to be drawn, four bumpers will be placed for 400 entries. There are twelve Xmas prizes to be drawn. After the raffle is closed, one number will be drawn, then that said person will win the first prize. The next day another one will be drawn, and so an so forth up until the grand prize: A level 0 Reindeer kennel!


ONGOING! Will be closed 12th of December so be sure to enter for a chance at prizes! Entering on more then one bumper for extra entries will give an instant disqualification, accident or not.

Thank you to @-GreyCoralKing- for kindly donating a Reindeer kennel!


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