Xmas 2018 Item Suggestions!

I guess here would be my suggestions for the upcoming Xmas Update.(>-

Animal Scarfs!
-Scarfs that have a printed picture of a specific pet per scarf.(Meemew, Doog, Dragon, Bunny, Etc.)

Christmas Backpack
-Stay Cool!

Gift Present!
-A Lovely Present in your Hand!

Holiday Krampus
- A Krampus wearing a santa hat? that's E P I C!

Santa's Full!
- A thick shirt that would look like your qbee is fat!

Krampus' Body
-Furry Body

Krampus' Pants
-Skerry Furry! ;-;

Reindeer Costume
-Fly away!

Kewdolf the Reindeer
-Has a very shiny Nose!


Hip-Hop Bells
- what about a Christmas "Jingle Bells" with a sick hip-hop beat groovin qbees everywhere?

-A placeable Sleigh. Would look like someone landed on my realm!?

- Roar. .

Would add more once I got sparked with Mejikal Ideas. .


  • + 1 for krampus shirt, krampus pants and Reindeer costume | -1 to all other
  • The idea of a Krampus is that if children are bad, he punishes them. So technically he's already holiday (...perhaps?), and +1 to all.
  • Thanksgiving packs are even out yet. I guess people really love Christmas.
  • +1 , krampuszilla? Isn't there is Treezilla 0.0
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