Doing Tarots!

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Before we start, please read these:
* This thread is non-related to cubic castles but just to have fun on forums.
* Tarot is not for guessing your fortune or predicting the future, but it is to review your situation and advise about it.
* Don't take it so serious! They're not a key to move the whole life or any! It is just for fun.
* The accuracy will drop after half a year, so if you are asking, make sure is within 6 month-9 month.
* This is not related to any religion.

Ello ppl! (Ah I'm making too much thread...)
I just made this thread because I been doing tarots irl and I wanted to try to other ppl.
I will be posting weekly and monthly.
Sometimes daily if I have some free time!

Weekly (Nov.5 - Nov.11)
I will be posting proof pics incase :)

Now pick one card 1-10 (Left to Right side)

King of Wands
This card is best for achieving something!
You should try to do something to achieve something you want!
Be confident on what will you do ;)

Seven of Swords
This card is means you might be doing something dangerous but you cannot notice.
Or you can do your work in easy way but you're doing it hard...
Or if you are starting to do something, you might have to double check or be planned before you do!

Two of Wands
This card can be taken positive in someway as dream big because you got talent.
Try to do a thing you wanted and your talents will help!

The Hanged Man
When you got this card, it means the situation is stopped somewhere or it won't follow as you wanted.
So if you are planning to do something, you should rest for awhile and do it next time.

Queen of cups
When you got this card, it means you will be rewarded from your hard work!
If you've work hard on something, someday you will be rewarded from it ;)

Knight of Swords
This card is telling you to move forward as you can!
Be confident and think positive, but not only that, you should try to act out for something you wanted.
Don't dream only, you wont get it if you don't act out.

Three of Wands
Even if you have achieved something, you can try to go more!
If you've gifted something, you will get it back more bigger.

Ten of Cups
You will be successful in any dream you wanted!
Stay positive and be with your families/friends.

King of Pentacles
It is possible to be successful (Not 100%), and it will turn out positive.

The High Priestess
This card is more related to on mental than physical.
You have to understand and respect someone/something.
Be calm and try to understand both dark and bright sides!

You can also pm me if you want to try tarot!
Make sure the question is specific, like if you are asking about your relationship, "Do you think he/she likes me back?" or "Do you think I can find one this month?" and etc.
Don't worry, I'm not going to interupt or be interested in your personal life.
Tarot is only for counselling ;)

Available questions:
- Relationships (Friends, love, family, etc)
- Jobs
- Sickness/illness
- Buisiness
- Luck within whole year (by each month)

This is not for any buisiness, it is just for fun.


  • Nice thread :D *beverage*
  • Will my prom go as planned?

    (Im going to prom with mty bf who lives an hour from me, and I know absolutely NO ONE from that school, but me and my bf are SUPER excited! pls help)
  • What signs might I see when I have met the right partner for me?

    (I hope this question is suitable.. Lemme know if it isn't. I find this sort of stuff very interesting. It's cool that you're able to do this :))
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    Will my prom go as planned?

    (Im going to prom with mty bf who lives an hour from me, and I know absolutely NO ONE from that school, but me and my bf are SUPER excited! pls help)

    Warning! Big pictures!

    It says you are worried now just as you said on comment but you are willing to go forward! You want someone to help or lead you when it happens.
    But do not worry! People on prom party are willing to enjoy the party. What you have to do is that be friendly to others. Or if you don't want to do much socializing, you can be with someone you feel comfortable with. If you enjoy it, then that's it :)
    Just don't try to get in any trouble, like having someone dislike you. Not saying this will happen but is just a warning.
    Hope you enjoy your prom ;)
  • My Jojo's Bizarre adventure senses are tingling.
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