About my Black Cat and the Topic of Fairness



  • JackFury said:

    Bluejay_1 said:

    please no more drama XD

    His cat, his choice

    It is easy to ignore people who make fun of you, tell lies, or make you look bad. But there is a limit to how far it goes.

    And LEGIT guys, his poem was not a poor choice. So, now we know he draws, and writes good :p

    I feel like most of the comments are just people joking aside from Berry with his rather odd opinion on what I should do with it. And thanks ^-^
    I think people are twisting my comments to make them sound as if I'm mad in some way. TO THE PEOPLE:
    Jack won, and I'm happy
    I didn't win, and I'm happy
    Personally, I would keep it, but it's up to Mr Fury himself, BUT I'M STILL BLOODY HAPPY
    Good job, and I'm not saying you have to do anything, even though everyone else makes it seem like that's what I'm saying *takes deep breath from really long sentence*. So yeah.

    JackFury said:

    a) Sometimes I think you should just ignore all the haters, rather than shoot em down with facts, although not complaining, it's highly amusing. Also, the forums are pretty dead sometimes, so this spices em up.

    b) Personally, I think you shouldn't sell it, as a BLACK CAT was intended as the prize, not 200k-250k. But it's not up to me what you do with it, so yeah.

    c) The phrase is News Flash ;)

    d) Not all poems rhyme, it's called "free verse". Curse those poem units in English class!
    e) Congrats, and put dem cubits to good use.

    a: I know I can block them out but I like giving facts ;)
    b: That literally makes no sense. I'm not sentimental, I don't need to keep the black cat just for the sake of keeping it.
    c: That was a typo, please don't nitpick my typos :)
    d: This wasn't a contest meant for "free verse" poems, it was for stories or typical poems with a constant tempo and a consistent rhyming scheme.
    e: I shall.
    I was only kidding about the news thing, but it never said anything against free verse poems. Sure, poems that rhyme SOUND better imo, but sometimes free verse can be fantastic. Also, sentimental items are neat, and are like a trophy to hold on to. Having a black cat by your side shows you how well you had done, and Grace would say the same thing. Just saying, a prize as big as that is cool to have, because you didn't have to buy it. A black cat is an awesome pet, and you're kinda just throwing it away :/. Yes, cubits are VERY helpful, but 200k wasn't the prize. As I said, it's your choice, but to say "keeping it for the sake of keeping it makes no sense" isn't exactly a great idea. Welp, have a good day.
    He can do whatever he wants with it.
    He sold it to someone who actually wants it. At the same times Jack got cubits that he needed.
    If Jack really wanted to keep the cat then he would.
    He got the cubits he needed and now both the buyer and seller are happy.

    Please stop telling him what he should have done or what he should do. If you say its his choice then don't tell him he should've kept it cause it's the prize.

    It's basically the same thing when you win cubits. You use them not keep them. And that's what Jack did.
    And I'm not saying he SHOULD keep it, I clearly said that's what I would do. If anyone would just read the whole thread. I am not deliberately saying that he should keep it. I keep saying personally, or imo. But everyone keeps attacking me about it xD, so I have to keep repeating it.

    ANYWAYS, this thread was about how it's completely fair that JackFury won this pet, and let's stick to it.
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