Freinds not being able to teleport to you.

Well, all my time through Cubic Castles I'v been wanting some privacy where ever I go, so i was thinking if y'all added an option in the freinds list where friends cannot teleport to you or certain freinds can tp to you.


  • Log_erLog_er Member
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    +999999 I want to mine in peace
  • -Epic--Epic- Member
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    Yup Some Times Im Working In An Event And 50 Ppl Teleport To Me Saying Sell Dirt For 1/100c I Say No And They Continue And I Don’t Wanna Ban Em, I Feel Bad For Em +1
  • nikkilinnikkilin Member
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  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
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    Some privacy to stop attempts of your friends trying to save poor newbies by telling them the actual price of an item?
    +1 for everyone else other than you.
  • -JustAlvin--JustAlvin- Member
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    +1 , but I want they still have 'tp button' , but when click it show reason ( type in urself) exp : Busy , Prepare for giveaway
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