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The community may assist in figuring out the Trick or Treat Door locations around Cubic Castles. If you would rather search for them yourself, we understand, and you are welcome to dismiss this discussion. It is for this reason that the Treat Tracker List of confirmed locations will be contained inside of a text spoiler.

Comments will be taken into consideration, and must be valid to be added to the Treat Tracker List. Any other player can comment confirming that another's submission is valid.

Note : Players require a "Trick or Treat Bag" wearable item to be able to receive candies from Haunted Doors. Be aware that some doors may not contain candy, but will rather contain a Spook, which will haunt your Qbee to death if opened. Keep track of Haunted Doors that contain candy and Spooks.

Only one candy may be acquired per player per door. If you find any loopholes to this, that is on you if you decide to use said loopholes. After all, Halloween doesn't come without any tricks.

Treat Tracker List

Click the spoiler below to view the Treat Tracker List

Peanut Crunch

Kewberth's Dungeon of Doom
Kewberth's Night Office

Turkish Treat

The Graveyard
But Is It Art? 2

Note : In “The Graveyard” realm, the true door is hidden in the shadows just left of the top of the stone stairs leading to the graveyard. There is a door that is placed in the light at the end of the main road, and for good reason, as this Spook Door is quite the trick the first time you attempt to open it.


The Blue Course
The Night Course

Note : The Blue Course contains 1 true door and 2 Spook Doors, which can all be accessed right from the floor of the realm. The door that is furthest north is the true door. Be sure to remember this on your candy hunting journey.


Kewberth's Castle
Kewberth's Night Maze

Malt Munch

It's a Trap!

Note : 2 true doors can be found within this realm.
Helpful Hint: 1 true door can be found outside of the haunted house, while the other true door is found inside of the haunted house.

Bubble Bubble

Path of the Cube
Lair of the Thing

Orange Delight

Kewberth's Realm Museum
But is it Art?

Chocolate Caramel

The Green Course
The Cubic Town Center

Hard Peppermint

The Red Course
Icy Peaks

Coconut Cruncher

Evil Town Center

Note : The "Evil Town Center" realm contains 2 true doors, each will give you 1 Coconut Cruncher. Hunt for both of the doors, they are pretty easy to spot.

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