Voice changers.

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Voice changers would be these little voice boxes that can equipped on the "beard outfit slot".
Basically what they would do is: they would change the color of the text bubbles that are displayed when a player communicates in-game.
There are multiple variations, each with a different color or perhaps a text effect, like perhaps a Bold font for the text or maybe an Italic font for the text, with of course, the color variations being the most common.
What do you think about this idea? Got any suggestions or perhaps something that could be added? Then make sure to comment down below with your own idea for the subject.


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    This Sounds cool.
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    But what about the effect of the exe?
  • Mr.PudMr.Pud Member
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    But what about the effect of the exe?

    The exe will stay the same, that and the iron mask will be the only hats that can give you a dark text bubble.
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    I originally thought this would mean a legitimate voice modifier, as in something that modifies the sounds Qbees make. Now I'm sitting here laughing while I imagine the Qbee's sitting sound but 2 octaves deeper.

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    *sits down in chair*
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