Selling recourses!



  • Bro chill man no need to be mean it's just I have been waiting for a while and I wanted to nodify you that it's my turn to order
  • I want to order max gold, silver, stone and coal, pls
  • I buy max of dirt + max of oil.
  • How soon will my order of 1.5k stone be completed?
  • If you're still taking orders, may I order 3,000 sand, 1,500 silver and 1,500 gold?
  • CatsDreamsCatsDreams Member
    edited January 2019
    I'll buy rubys all that u can mine (I need 100) I could buy rubys for 20c each so 100/2k ;)
  • I currently need the diamond blocks (willing to buy them 10c each) if possible also the rubies
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