✿ My Sugestions :D ✿

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Hey everyone! Here are my suggestions of what i'd like to see added in game *^^*


A shamallow on a stick, simply ^^ That can be amazing with firecamps and tents to recreate a wild camping setting :D

Soda Can
Was thinking of this while looking at the juice items, so why not soda cans?

Would ba amzing! Like, recreating a train station! Or an airport?! Or a shop x'D

Modern Glasses
Glasses! I don't really like the nerd ones, nor the others.. But normal modern glasses :D It can be dyeable so colorful uses! :3

A holdable lantern which would glow in the dark!

Bat Deco
A bat hanging on the end of a thread! It would be like deep forest leaves, not a soldid bloc..

maybe add a bit more spooky atmosphere to the game with the add of a full moon night sky wohohooo x'D


That's all for now :)


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