Clan Information Bumper.

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Some Clan's in Cubic Castles Are Big, and some Clan's have un-known Amount's of members. Like the clan "Kingdom Of BillyBoo"
So I came up with an littel idea its is an Bumper And it's Called "Clan Info" Bumper.
This block can Tell you the following:
1- Clan Name(At the Top)
2- amount of members.
3-Clan Leader(Founder).
5-Littel Letter in the Bottom.

So it's pretty much like The Normal Info Bumper that can be used the Realms and tells you the Realm Name and Owner and how Big the Realm is and the vistors and an littel letter welcoming the vistors who vist your realm.Same for the clan info Bumper.
More Details for the info Bumper

1-Only the founder of the clan can Place the Block wich is the Rank "Leader"
Note:Any Players that Given the the rank "Leader" still can't Place it has to be the founder.

2-Players that don't own an Clan Can not Place the Block.

Well that's my idea >:) I hope you liked it., it will be truely appreciated if this Block is
existed. :)

Have an Nice Day.


And Ofc Big thanks To Sir.Kewberth., You are doing an Great Job! Much appreciated.
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