2018 Gallery tour! My builds!

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Welcome to my 2018 Build showcase gallery! i hope you enjoy the gallery looking towards my works and feel inspired :D!

Quick note

If ever want to maybe explore and see these builds, please search in the lobby.
” Shyla lobby "

Some of these builds are not built in a specific realm one by one, & was built in a room

• Warlocks chamber

A magical mystic divine build. with huge Violet flowers & arches The build is about time. Time plays a big role on this build & memories. it's separated in two. With the one very pure & freshly made. Clean with no ever visible dust on it. & The other side as a over grown. Ruin
side of the Other side. It also represents the society. How there's Poor & wealthy orbits everywhere,

• Dream es‘cape

Another fantasy line build, which represents all Four seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. It also has 3 Towers which holds the magical relics to protect the magic flowing through the realm. & If ever was to be broken it will collapse & the magic will vanish from the realm. Leaving broken towers. Fallen sky islands. & Dead colours. the structures from this build was all carved from Rich stones that were sent by the heavens. The goddess' planned everything. Before begining to scale :)

• Falcon claw empire

A medival theme build. built in high hopes & to protect it's citizen from all harmful monsters. As high as a falcon can fly. As high & powerful this city can be. This build would have never existed with the help of the falcon claw alliance.. The town was set build & was finished in a week, all the workers & the king & queens did there job 24/7 just to Build this majestic town, Though many years has passed and the Old king & queens has passed leaving 1 King & 1 queen behind. The memories of the alliances queen & Kings who helped & supported them will never be forgotten.

Soon to be released projects.

• Atlas

A Atlantic theme build soon to be released

• Hamilton

A Fantasy steampunk theme town

New informations detected! The city is divided by Four!

•Disney land

A disney land Re-creation concept
New information detected! There will be 3 99x99 realms connections & will have 16 custom disney rides

Memorial Builds

Christmas Central

Halloween central

Farmers lily

Pick Da colour center. ( PDC )

Honourable future Projects names, • Aka fuusen city,
• Rosed Battlefields, • paris, • An Anxiety Room..

Hope you guys enjoyed my gallery! stay tooned for the upcoming builds releases & sneak previews of the future projects on my activities! Have a great day & night or afternoon ^^


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