I'm back!

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Hello everyone, it's me, Pud.
Some of you might not know me, I'm just a simple player, joined around October 2016 and I'm finally back after over a year of inactivity.
The Cubic Castles community is something that I care for deeply, thanks to this game I was able to learn how to express myself and how to break out of my own shell, it played a great role on building the person I am today.

It fills my heart with glee to finally come back here and experience everything I've missed, of course, with you guys, be it new or old, a friend is a friend.

It'll take some time to catch up with everything I missed, but I'll be back up in no time, all it takes is dedication.

So yeah, that's about it, just wanted to post this small announcement to my veteran peeps out there.
If you'd like to point out some big changes or updates that have happened from September 2017 to present, then please do so, it would be of great help.

See you all in-game!


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    Oh heyya, welcome back to the forums and CC! But yeh this should be posted on activty walls instead
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