Big ouch, i need help xD

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so basically, i had a door leading to my room with a full plasm set... i was holding it, then i disconnected, and when i went back online it was gone. idk if its recoverable but im kinda bummed. anyone else has this happen before?

also kinda bummed bc this is the second plasm set ive lost xD

UPDATE: I found it so now mods an u close this


  • UU Member
    It’s somewhere around where you disconnected. If you disconnect with a door then it drops on the floor automatically. Maybe check under the ground.
  • Or check the previous door location. If you can't find it submit a ticket and Mabz will help you :)
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
    It is still in the room. Just hidden. If there are empty spots in the ground then it might have gone there.
  • Its probally hidden underground, this is the same thing happened to me a year ago, i just mined out my main realm and find the missing door, that took me like 4 months till i found it lol
  • oh lol tysm guys it was underground
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