*Honeymoon*'s Halloween Suggestions

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Halloween Suggestions!

Blocks And Buildables

Pumpkin Car

This Car Would Have A Pumpkin Look, With A Carved Face In The Front

Slyme And Ghost Pets

These Pets Would Be Exactly Like The Costumes Qbees Can Wear

Creepy Wood Sign [ADDED!]

A Worn sign made of wood (Can Be Used To Write Messages)

Zombie Hand

It Will Look Like A Zombie Is Trying To Come Out From The Grass

Scary Paintings

There Can Be Multiple Of These Decorative Spooky Paintings

Broken Statue

A Broken Statue Of An Angel

Mossy Tombstones

It's Like The Other Tombstones But This One Has Green Spots And A Vine Growing On It

Wilted Grass & Wilted Flower

It's Pretty Self-Explanatory

Placeable Candy & Placeable Candy Basket

Examples For the Placeable Candies Include: Lollipops, Chocolate Bars And Gummy Bears

Halloween Tunes

A Dark Tune With Scary Sound Effects Wind, Wood Creaking And Breathing


This Little Buddy Takes A Week To Grow, It Would Give 1-2 Cobwebs Every 2-3 days

Wall Decorations

Paper Wall Decorations Like Ghosts And Skeletons, Spooky.


Cheap Knock-Off Ghost Costume

This Costume Is Just A Sheet Over The Qbee, Iconic

Cheap Knock-Off Slyme Costume

The Qbee Turns Into A Carboard Box Badly Painted Green

Vampire Cape [ADDED!]

It's A Black Cape With Red On The Inside, To Go With The Head Vamp Costume

Witch Set [Only Broom Added!]

Witch's Shirt, Pants And a Holdable Broom

Skeleton Set

Skeleton's Shirt And Pants

Holdable Trick-O-Treat Basket [ADDED!]

Trick Or Treat? :D

Zombie Set [ADDED!]

Zombie Shirt And Pants (It's Just Ripped Pants And Shirt, Also Turns The Qbee's Body Green)

Holdable Axe

Don't Worry! It's Made Of Plastic

Holdable Gun

It's Not A Real Gun, It Doesn't Even Work

Pumpkin Cowl And Scarf

Orange Cowl WIth Black Markings, The Scarf Will Be Just Like The Love Scarf, Instead Of A Heart It Has A Jack-o-Lantern

Candy Corn Hat

Don't Eat It Plz

Holdable Lollipop

Now, That's What i Call A Big Treat

Detective Set

Detective Hat, Jacket, Pants, Holdable Magnifying Glass and a Pipe

Astronaut Set

Helmet, Suit And Pants. This Set Needs To Be Added I Mean, COSMIC COW. Hello?

Doctor & Nurse Sets

Doctor's Mask, Shirt And Pants / Nurse's Glasses, Shirt And Skirt

Scary Clown Set

Clown Shirt and Pants

Alien Mask [ADDED!]

Beep Boop, We Come In Peace

SuperHero Set

Superhero Mask, Shirt, Pants And Cape

Fairy Set

Fairy Crown, Fairy Wand, Shirt, Pants And Skirt

And... That's Pretty Much It. Hope You Liked My Ideas, Please Comment Which One Was Your Favorite One!

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  • QuackersQuackers Member
    15.35 Karma
    I need the cheap knock-offs +1
  • CosmicSnailCosmicSnail Member
    48.35 Karma
    This is cool love them all +1
  • JadabugJadabug Member
    6.30 Karma
    I also need cheap knock-offs cause i'm cheap and a knock-off of a bug.
    +1 to all.
  • Graceful ThunderGraceful Thunder Game Moderator
    10.75 Karma
    These are pretty cool :o
  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
    190.05 Karma
    Yep nice suggestiosn, and you got me on that one XD I wanted to add an Alien mask in my next suggestions update ^^

    Also, really fan of these ones :

    • Broken statue
    • Trick-O-Treat basket (Holdable)
    • Alien Mask
  • *SweetieFlake**SweetieFlake* FamiliarMember, Familiar
    0.20 KarmaFamiliar
    Good suggestions!
  • *Zoddy**Zoddy* Member
    10.70 Karma
    great suggestions
  • 0.80 Karma
    I love them all! I hope the devs see this and can add all of it! All their work is done, now all they need to do is add it to the game, nothing much. >.> hehe..

    Great suggestions XO, you’re amazing!
  • EditionEdition Member
    4.50 Karma
    +1 for all of them!
    Holdable broom is my favourite.
  • *Honeymoon**Honeymoon* Member
    3.05 Karma
  • PartyParty FamiliarMember, Familiar
    27.05 KarmaFamiliar
    i like everything except the clown costumes (clowns are evil!)
  • 120.45 Karma
    Would the scary paintings include your face XO :P, I kid I kid ^_^! I love these suggestions but agree with Party. Please no introduction of more clown related goods, the mask already is enough to make me cry :O:.
  • *Honeymoon**Honeymoon* Member
    3.05 Karma
  • dealwithit37dealwithit37 Member
    6.10 Karma
    All great ideas, but I think the alien heads already exist, like the Beakee
  • Farts Of FuryFarts Of Fury Member
    17.20 Karma
  • EagenceEagence FamiliarMember, Familiar
    edited October 2018 2.65 KarmaFamiliar
    Ignore this... I take back my word...
  • 3.25 Karma
    me need cheap knock off things. +1
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
    305.25 Karma
    nice ideas!

    of course this year they wont be added for sure because its already known what items are gettable but maybe for 2019 :P
  • DrakayDrakay Member
    19.85 Karma
    Well Some Of Them Have Been Added To The Game :)
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