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Suggest what should I make a parody of, I would do it in the next Parody video of mine. Pretty much all of my video content in cc would be Cubic Castle Parodies and CC head animations aside for those series that I would ressurect (maybe).

If you want to be featured write this format:

- Name of the Song
- CC Theme (cubits, Pets, bedrock, etc.)

Note that for those songs that I dont know, it would take a long time to practice for the tune and tempo.

Also said that this kind of video is seperated with the kind of videos that I made like the random ones, but as said above, if the song is some kind of easy to learn or I know all of it, I could make the parody a whole one.

First Parody Compilation (verrrrry old):


  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
    Welcome to my castle!
    Parody of Welcome to my mine, which itself is a parody of Welcome to my yacht by some guy (I think florida??)
    -CC Theme: Present your realm
  • Epiphany by bts (the full version m8, want to see you hit them high notes)

    Cc theme: scammers
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