A big problem regarding the Fetus Tower Inc. event

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1. It is so laggy that it kicks people and when I log on again I’m in. Lobby
i have had to do the parkour 3 times because of this and every time it kicks me out
2. The second part has open glass but there is no way to die outside the parkour
so if u fall of u have to start over again
3. Please make something that prevents checkpoints from going when u relog there... as even if u don’t get kicked from the realm due to lag if it shows connection lost and on logging u die or fall, its not your flat! Its the servers weakness! Please sort this problem it is a request @Space_fetus


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    Point number two is a valid point and i have added poison spikes on each corner of the build on the outside. Every thing else however is a lag issue. If the timings are lagging out for certain things i suggest relogging or coming back later in the week when there is less people in the realm.
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    it is do able without those mentioned perks it is just very hard, i test everything built without perks to make sure people can complete it.
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