Halloween SeasonEvent: Monster Busting [SUGGESTION]

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Maybe instead of something different we could have another gamemode or something that is some kind of similar to Plasms

Introducing. . .

The MonsterBusting Event

the mechanics would be this. . .

- Monsters would randomly spawn in mines and in realms (about 2 - 3 per world)

- Tools for the Monster Busting would be in the Cubit Store that contains:

* Busting Wand - A wand that kills a monster leaving an item wish can be use in crafting.

* Busting Bomb - a bomb that can be placed in mines that can be used to kill Monsters only.

* Empty Monster Box - used to store the monster soul.

- If you succesfully kill a Monster using a Busting wand the monster would drop a type monster's soul part

Note: I would say there would be five types of Monsters: Fire, Grass, Water, Slime, and Abyss

- If you have collected all of the type of the monster soul parts you can create an item which is called "(monster type)Monster Soul"

- You can store the Monster soul inside the Empty Monster box and give it to the NPC in the Cubic Town Center for a Prize.
* The higher the Monster type, the Rarer the Prize

- As said above, there would be an NPC that could maybe a sheriff or somekind of buster that needs your help in catching Monsters.

-And Finally, you can spawn them in your realm by simply dropping the a type of Monster Soul in the Summoning Circle.

Just tried to some made items in the files so, meh.


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