Why are there so many rich QBees with low levels?



  • Probably change account/move account or might be social experiment account. I saw alot of them too.
  • LateCom said:

    chief12 said:

    Its possible... just collab with another trusted player like you, run a shop together, join ur expenses for the shop to attract double people with the money you have, then buy and sell... you can get richer... I have done it , though I’m broke now, when I used to run a collab , I had money!

    to what extent can you trust somebody? many people whom i know or knew have had their items scammed from co-op shops. probably this is one reason why i do not exactly trust anyone in my shop.
    I have tons of permed people in my shop.
    Around 10-15 btw. xD
    lol death I just have 2 at my shop xD. Perm me too please :)
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