My Building Contest Entries

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I will post my entries here , hope you like them ! :DDD

2018 Valentine

not perfect yet

2018 Easter

Fountain Of Youth X Bunny Remains , meet the bunnyzilla and get its power ! :O
Far View

2018 Summer

Concert at the beach during summer ! Idol Life , GO GO ! >.<

2018 Sci-fi

Steampunk Airship ! :o

2018 Halloween

Heart Fountain :o

2018 Birthday (Marshka's)


Aqueducts from my sketch arts (Remake)

Cake !

2018 Christmas (Mr.pengu's)

My exquisite abode with outdoor chimney :v i want to say this contest was speed build must be built in 1hour when i joined it was 25 mins left already plus i used 5mins to go back so i built this in 25mins D:

2018 Christmas

Tower of Heaven

2019 Easter (Doodler's) :

2019 Sci-fi :

I spent the most time on this , 12 hours just for sculpting o-o

2019 Sci-fi (Doodler's)

First time build with fire lol i hope the cringy look still can articulate what i build


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