The Chunky Spud restaurant! (Project 0w0)

The Chunky Spud restaurant is the newest build i was working on. It will be a roleplay/hangout realm with a fast-food feel to it.
But guess what? I need YOUR help to make this realm!
If you want to hang out and enjoy your time in a restaurant themed realm you can donate cubits in the tip piggy or items on the donation tables found in the realm itself (realm name: The Chunky Spud restaurant!).

A few notes: keep in mind that if you donate any of the things written below you can ask for the item(s) back if i'm online. Donate ONLY if you want to visit The Chunky Spud at it's best.

Items to donate:
-food decos (any food deco, even the ones made with cooking!)
-Kitchen decos (wether you like it or not, i really need these ; _ ;)
Fancy tables/chairs (simple as that :^D)


Cubit amounts: not much really! Just the right amount to buy the needed decos (i suggest to donate cubits only after there is a drop on the price of the kitchen decos, for i need these the most). So just leaving 5c every once in a while will mean a lot to the restaurant.

Daily updates will be following soon ;)

Ba-byeeee :^P


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