Funny start screen

I opened CC to find this XD:


  • Beautiful
  • Restart the app its a texture glitch
  • Hahah how funny..
  • That means you started up cc, then if you are on mobile, you switched apps, then reopened.
  • if youre on a windows device > you alt tabbed from the game while it was loading on fullscreen mode, on any mobile > you switched the apps when cc was loading, thats all.
  • Oh yeah, I remember now! Right after I opened CC Steam was like "Hi I exist just saying." XD
  • Its a common texture glitch, generally happens when the game is loading while you haven't got it up on your screen, for example like if you opened the game and while it was 'starting' you were looking at the Steam store just as an example, alternatively the Steam overlay might also cause this during startup but I haven't tested it, I just know it happens when the game starts and you don't have it up on the screen.
  • You gotta restart or re-install the game. i got that screen before and i couldn't fix
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