Rip My Sketches :q:

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My art got defeated by something ! the box called 'dream' got insulted by 'reality'(those green idk what is that)! i won't use hand draw anymore :( going to study digital :q:
they are died now. :( come my art funeral


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    O/ so sad, I give my heart
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    what do you mean by "they are dead"? which one? your drawings or all pencil art?
    I get it now, pictures didn't load for me. I'm sorry that happened to you but this shouldn't stop you if you love your art. it's nice to start and learn digital art but not always will you be able to draw on a computer or whatever device. a piece of paper and a pen will beat a drawing tablet anytime, yes digital drawing maybe better but if I'm in a place where there's no electricity or I happen to not bring my device with me I can just find a pen and a paper or any writing material and start drawing. I'm more into digital art now but I will never stop drawing on paper.
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