Compro rentals para poner cofres de madera y no poder quitarlos los jugadores pensando que habría algo adentro, solo por 100c y les da bañeo de su realm y aqui hay algunas imagenes captadas por el momento que puedo tomar gracias por su atención.


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    If you want to report someone, please utilize this appropriate discussion;, which is for scam attempts and reports.
    And a reminder from the thread itself;

    "Please use this format:

    - Name of the realm/person or both.
    - How they did it.
    - What losses you had.
    - Time of the incident. ( this can be found by typing "/time" within your in-game chat bar )
    - Evidence (screen/video/chat-log) **REQUIRED**

    But remember, this discussion is mainly for scam awareness and punishment in harsh cases. No items will be refunded by us."
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