A PvE mode -> New Game? (SUGGESTION)

-Zombie NPC walking on streets chasing qbees
-new weapons
*baseball bat
- collidable cars (when hit or stomped it would make noises that attracts more zombies)
- multiplayer / singleplayer
- you can purchase buildable blocks to make a fort or just block zombies
- more mobs
- levels
- more survival clothing
* ripped shirt
* bloody hats

-combat tweaks


Infected vs Qbees

Random qbees will be infected
-survivor's goal is to survive until the time runs out.
-infected's goal is to infect all qbees.

-different classes of zombies and qbees

Thats it.

Create this in a new game so that young players can avoid bloody things.

I think this kind of game could be popular right now since teens are more interested in pvp things.
And besides..Blue Wizard Games make cool bloody graphics.


  • Log_erLog_er Member
    edited August 2018
    If I weren't for Betamax, Sir.Kewberth would have made this game a rpg mmo type of game xD
    (Fun fact: auto correct made 'mmo' mom)
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